Concrete Repair Chemicals

Ad-Tek has a range of concrete waterproofing, hardening, grouting and self-levelling compounds.


As we know waterproofing is a specialty that requires an understanding of the type of leak prior to application.


If your concrete is leaking through a crevice or joint then the leaking water is stopped by Ad-Tek Plug and after the Ad-Tek Plug patch is applied we recommend you cover the patch with Ad-Tek R or Ad-Tek R-F.


Seeping water can be stopped with Ad-Tek R or Ad-Tek R-F (in dry or wet form) by bagging (rubbing) this has the effect of “reverse osmosis” (suction and osmotic diffusion). After seeping has been stopped, we recommend rendering with Ad-Tek R or Ad-Tek R-F to increase waterproofing properties.


For correct application of Ad-Tek waterproofing products, we must take into account the condition of the surface application – its wetness or dryness.


Ad-Tek R and Ad-Tek R-F are applied on the wet concrete surface. The penetrative waterproofing liquid Ad-Tek PW is applied only on dry concrete surface.


Ad-Tek HB-T and HB are “self-waterproofing” materials. When we apply these materials for building or repairing of the concrete and brick constructions – we provide waterproofing of the constructions.



AD-TEK HB-Quick is a rapid-hardening high build construction and repair mortar designed to accept traffic two hours after placement, minimizing any traffic interruption.